Who Do You Serve?

Fears vs. Faith
     When was the last time God told you to share His love with someone? Maybe He was telling you to say hello, smile, pray, help, encourage or even share the Gospel with someone. If you are a Christian, I can guarantee that God has called you and given you to opportunity to do those things. Maybe, you were faced with an opportunity this week, or even today. How many times do we just pass on by? We ignore the call that God has given us. Why do we ignore it? More than likely, it's because we are afraid. We are afraid to reach out and share His love. We are afraid of what others will say, or how they will respond. We are afraid of the unknown and rejection. Our minds are filled with "what if's" from the enemy, trying to pull us away from doing God's work. Fear is NOT from God. Fear is from the enemy. Satan will fill our mind with lies and doubt to keep us from showing Jesus to the world around us (Read 2 Timothy 1:7)

"God has commanded you to be "STRONG and COURAGEOUS, do NOT be afraid or discouraged!" (Read Joshua 1:9) He is with us wherever we go. He will guide us and give us His peace, love and power. Do not be afraid! We need to stop living inside our fears, and start living outside our comfort zones.

If you were told right now that you only have 24 hours to live, would you fearlessly tell the people around you about Jesus? Live and love with that mindset. There is a broken world all around that needs to know the love of Jesus. It's time to stand up. Its time to be courageous. It's time to do something. 

Who do you serve? Your fears or Jesus?

                  Choose Jesus ♥


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