YOU are HIS Princess!

It's so easy to fall into the mindset of thinking "I wanna be someone's princess...I want a boyfriend....I want a prince to sweep me off my feet..."

We see it everywhere and in just about every disney princess movie. We are being programmed to believe that we need a "prince" to make us happy and complete. That is so, so far from the truth.

Although one day the RIGHT guy will love and treat you like a princess, you need to remember Who you first belong to. You are chosen and divine royalty this very moment. You are treasured and valued right now.

You don't need a Prince Charming to be a princess. You already are one! Your Prince Charming did the most honorable, courageous and loving thing anyone could ever do and will ever do for you...He died for you. He died because He loves you. He died because your worthy and because you mean THAT much to Him. He wants your heart and affection. You are HIS! You are royalty. Your true Prince is the Prince of Peace and your Father is the King!! Let that truth settle in and never forget it.

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